What are industrial metal baskets made of? Is it durable?

Industrial Metal Basket made of aluminum (Aluminum)

“Aluminum (Aluminum)” is considered a metal that has been used a lot in the industrial sector. and the household sector For the industrial sector, it is used in the production of aluminum alloys. and aluminum products As for the household sector, it is used a lot in construction. And decorate the house, replace wood and steel because it is a metal with properties that are resistant to breakage, heat, corrosion, light weight, and has the ability to reflect light. and heat well It is often used in construction and decoration works such as making doors, windows, ceilings, railings and various structures.


aluminum properties

Aluminum has a melting point of 660°C. It is a low-density, lightweight, high-load-bearing metal. can be easily molded Not prone to cracks and breakage, does not rust, is resistant to corrosion. and is not toxic to humans Especially when mixed with other metals, it will increase various properties, such as the cork of aluminum alloy is at 1140-1205 degrees Celsius, so it is commonly used to produce various parts. Including materials or containers related to food. There are also chemical properties of aluminum in various ways, including:

1. When reacting with oxygen to form a thin film called aluminum oxide. Coated on the aluminum surface to prevent other reactions well.
2.Reaction with nitrogen will produce nitrides at high temperatures.
3. Does not react with sulfur
4. When reacting with hydrogen Hydrogen penetrates into the inner layer of aluminum. therefore need to be eliminated
5. Able to withstand moderately concentrated inorganic acids
6. Resistant to slightly alkali reaction. Soluble in a strong alkaline environment.
7. It can react with salt. cause corrosion

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