How good are our cloth gloves?

Fabric Gloves The gold bullion engineering and supply is made from high quality raw materials. Export standard

  • Fabric Gloves It is essential to protect your hands in industrial applications. and used in almost every job.
  • Fabric Gloves It is a consumable material used in almost every job.

Cloth gloves for hand protection in industrial, agricultural and household applications. Classified according to the usefulness as follows:

Fabric gloves, weight 360 grams, red border, used for fishing. electronic work Suitable for female employees
Fabric gloves, weight 400-500 grams, green rims, are thin gloves used for agriculture, plantation, field work, paint garages, car garages. and general hand protection Suitable for general people, households, light industry
Fabric gloves, weight 600 grams, yellow border, used for automotive and glass industry, used to protect the hands of employees in the production line. and specific to tasks that initially require hand protection. who have to deal with the task that is quite heavy Suitable for employees in general industrial production lines.
Cloth gloves, weight 700 g, orange rim, used for heavy industrial applications. to protect the operator’s hands for advanced safety and the work at hand must be exposed to direct heat and can protect hands from sharp objects at an entry level Suitable for employees in the production line of heavy industry.
rubber coated gloves Used for applications requiring direct contact with sharp objects and sharp objects. including the grip to hold the island such as glass and stainless steel industry Suitable for employees in the production line of glass, stainless steel and sharp objects.

“There are many types of gloves, you have to choose the right one for your use. for maximum operator safety.”

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